Saturday, 24 November 2012

Owen Jones idiot? Or Good at pandering to leftist idiots?

So Owen Jones was on Question time last Thursday. Again.
I just can not work out if he is just a complete idiot who actually believes in the rubbish he spiels or he has just found he own little niche for earning a killing.
He seems to try and get attention by pulling funny faces and shouting completely wrong facts louder than everyone else. He thinks that if he shouts over everyone else that he must be correct and he will show others to be incorrect even when they are right and he is wrong.
He seems to struggle to get his facts right or does what  he would probably shout at others for doing and plays certain facts to get the desired effect.
Everyone who supports him bleats that no one against him offers replies to him points. I'll offer you some replies.

Oh by the way Owen may want to do his history before throwing facts out there. Tho of course all the liberal students who know nothing but hang on his every word without bothering to research for them selves will still believe him.
Seems as Owen tried to belittle the mans opinion and response at 30 mins into the show by claiming the guest didn't answer exact points, which by the way the guest wasn't trying to do he was pointing out that Owen clearly knows nothing of the history in that area. I will now correct his points for him. You're welcome Owen.

Saying Israel broke the cease fire may be correct or substantial, IF  it wasn't for the fact that Gaza and Hamas have broke the cease fire just as many times in the past, you can not just pull one time out of the hat and claim it to be a full picture.
The west bank is not "occupied" Owen, its disputed territory. You know why? There was never a Palestine state there to begin with. Pre 1918 the region was under the control of the Ottoman empire. When they lost the war the territory was split and control handed to Britain. There is a lot of other conflicts in the area but concentrating on what is now Israel. The basic gist is that British authorities wanted to split that land roughly 50/50 so that Jews could have a country of their own to call home. Of course the Arabs in the area rejected this persecuting the Jews and trying to wipe them off the planet. Control was eventually handed to the UN and the UN and America eventually formed Israel in a much smaller area of the region, roughly 20%. Of course the Arabs STILL rejected even this and as soon as Israel was formed surrounding Arab nations invaded in an attempt to destroy Israel and prevent the Jews having a home. US and British forces stepped in and helped repel  the invasion.
So all that land including the west bank and Gaza were meant to be under the rule of Israel. How ever after continuing conflict a cease fire was reached but cease fire lines encroached into what was meant to be Israeli territory, thus creating the west bank and Gaza. This leads me onto the next point where Owen Jones is wrong, there are no pre-1967 borders. They are ceasefire lines and the territory was meant for Israel so really the Israeli settlements are not illegal.
He also mentions the US arming Israel, if they had not been armed the Arab nations would of not stopped until Israel was history.
Oh and if you go deeper into history you will find that the Jews have been in that land for literally thousands of years and repeatedly forced out and enslaved by Arabs in what is now the middle east and north Africa.
Also people bang on about Arab refugees, you know why, because surrounding Arab states refuse to take in those refugees officially and integrate them into society so that it looks bad on Israel and deliberately tries to get others on their side. No one ever mentions the Jewish refugees, there have been almost twice as many Jewish refugees from across the whole of the middle east but Israel welcomes them with open arms and integrates them into society with no fuss so they are never mentioned.
So Owen facts corrected, you're welcome, maybe next time you wont have to hand out false facts to all your little idiot lefty followers.

Owen also seems to live in a fairy land where people don't try and live for free and just claim benefits for nothing and that everyone on benefits  can not possibly get a job.
Welfare spending almost doubled under Labour and allowed people to sit at home and do nothing. It then reached the point where people were better off on benefits than working. Now common sense states that's a stupid way to work a system.

He also goes on about disability allowance. Straight from

Who won’t be affected?

You won’t be affected by the benefit cap if you qualify for Working Tax Credit (whether or not you claim it), or if you get any of the following benefits:
 Yep that's right Disability living allowance will not be effected by the cap. Go ahead Owen eat your own words.

So now you lefty little students and idiots can stop trying to claim that Owen is always right and no one ever answers his points.

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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

toys and insurance

So McDonald's have made a 'McDonald's kitchen style' toy, not very much different from the toy kitchens you can buy for kids already that lots of kids love to play with.
But as soon as you see this you know that some so called 'experts' somewhere are going to loose the plot and go ape shit over it and cry bloody murder..... And they did.
They said the company was trying to get into the minds of children, well I'm pretty sure they are already there anyway, plus they aren't going to be influenced into eating unhealthily as its the parents that control the diet!!
These people need to learn no one cares about their 'expert' opinions. Where do they think it will end? if they had their way EVERYTHING that has anything 'bad' would be banned.

Now i don't normally like the EU they have never done anything good and think they can come and tell my country what to do, well yesterday they did the first and probably the only good thing they will ever do that i don't mind them doing.
They made it law that it is sexual discrimination for women to have lower insurance on anything. The main one being car insurance. From now on women must pay the same as men and only other factors can play a part in the premium charged.
As a male who has insurance this clearly pleases me. But this has another point, feminists and women's groups always bang on about equal rights and fair rights but this is only if it is good for them. Now they are all screaming saying that it is unfair as they are apparently 'better' drivers. Which of course stinks of hypocrisy.
Strangely enough tho I'm not sure which side many of the media are taking in this, they actually for once seem to be staying neutral and just stating the facts!! Two firsts at the same time, that's not something you see everyday.

Monday, 28 February 2011

News stations and papers should be eating their own words

Over the past week every source of news, in the UK at least, has been banging on and shouting from the roof tops about how the government has been apparently appearing to not act fast enough over getting our citizens out of Lybia.
Well today they should all be eating their own words as it turns out that the SAS secretly flew in weapons to the embassy in Lybia within days of the start of trouble, they then set out entering the country posing as business men. They then picked up the weapons from the embassy and set about rounding up the British citizens ready to fly out.
Yesterday the completed their mission and flew them out.

Yet after this amazing act by the troops, it got a very small mention in the papers and I have barely seen any mention in the TV news.

I know this isn't really a common sense or pc story but I thought it worth a mention to point out how the news not only avoids none dramatic stories but also won't report on a story that makes them look to be previously wrong, if they do there is no mention or previous stories.

I would like to take this opportunity to take back my previous tweet about lack of action.

Friday, 25 February 2011

The news hasn't been to stupid the past few days :(

Let's start with a recent decision by a British government body.
This body has made a recommendation that all major businesses should have at least 25% of its board compromise of women. But they stopped short or making it mandatory or pushing to pass it into law.
This is political correctness gone mad. You can't force a company to hire a particular ratio of women or of any race. Doing so will actually lead to MORE bias when choosing who to hire.
Look at its this way, your choosing who to hire, you have two people to choose from, the first a man, more than fully qualified with 10 years experience with an excellent reference. The second a woman, just about qualified, no experience, no reference. Who would you rather hire? Clearly the man but wait you need to hire a woman or your business isn't going to be within your set quota. This could mean that the employer could be forced to actually hire the less suitable candidate!! Where is the sense in that?

The nanny state that is Britain has struck again.
This week another busy body governing body told us what we can and cannot do. Apparently we can no longer eat more than the equivalent of 70g of red meat per day, equivalent to three rashers of bacon or two sausages. As it increases our risk of getting bowel cancer. (Just like almost everything else these days) Apparently 'Experts say thousands of bowel cancer deaths could be prevented every year if people kept to the new limits.'
But another 'body' advises that eating less than 70g of red meat per day will result in a low intake of iron below the amount needed if it isn't then replaced from another source, leading to iron deficiency.
This means we have to eat exactly 70g's per day.
When asked, the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) could not give exact answers and was pulling out excuses left right and center. They say that people who eat less red meat are less likely to get bowel cancer. But a separate scientific report from the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition, found that vegetarians in fact displayed a higher risk of getting bowel cancer. When these findings where put to WCRF they said, vegetarians may consume fewer dairy products "our report found that milk probably reduces risk of bowel cancer"

In my experience vegetarians tend to watch what they eat a lot more and make sure they get the right nutrients.
The government needs to let us do what we want without telling us what to do left right and center and when to do it. Ill eat what I want when I want thanks.

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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Welcome to my new blog

In this blog i will take things out of the news that I think need a touch of common sense or are just a load of politically correct (PC) rubbish and comment on them or change them to what they would be like or the results would be if common sense was used.

I see things every day that just astound me at how stupid ether the news reporters are and how little back ground research they have done, or just stories in general that are PC/health and safty gone mad!!

I will update each day with the best of the worst offending stories of that day. If you have any stories you would like me to review leave a comment.